What is Mobile Media?

Mobile Media refers to mobile advertising. Our repurposed trucks can display two billboards showcasing your product or service. In addition to mobile images, you can also broadcast audio spots. In the case of a truck with an LED screen, your advertising is displayed on three LED screens.

Why choose Mobile Media?

The Mobile Media banners capture attention through movement and audio spot broadcasts, providing a multisensory communication experience and increased message memorability. Brandmobile guarantees a strong presence in every corner of the city, throughout the country, or even beyond its borders, regardless of the time of year. We move precisely where you need us!

Why choose Mobile Media?

Bannerele Mobile Media atrag atenția datorită mișcării și difuzării spoturilor audio, oferind astfel o comunicare multisenzorială și o memorabilitate crescută a mesajului. Brandmobile garantează o prezență puternică în orice colț al orașului, în întreaga țară sau chiar peste hotarele ei, indiferent de perioada anului. Ne deplasăm exact acolo unde aveți nevoie!


The BrandMobile can be temporarily placed in the densest or most strategic locations to promote your business.


In contrast to traditional outdoor advertising, the mobile billboard attracts the attention of passers-by through its mobility, massiveness and uniqueness.


A BrandMobile advertising campaign is 3 times cheaper than a billboard campaign.


BrandMobile can drive on any street or in any locality, at any time of the day or week.


BrandMobile, with its efficiency, can replace 7 stationary advertising panels in a sector of Chișinău for a day.

An advertising campaign carried out with BrandMobile is three times more cost-effective than one done through traditional street billboards.

Unlike traditional outdoor advertising, BrandMobile attracts attention through its mobility and originality.

Advantages include the ability to travel on any street at any time of the day and the ability to be temporarily placed in unusual locations, while adhering to traffic rules in the Republic of Moldova.

Equipped with a sound system, BrandMobile allows for movement and the broadcast of audio spots.

The uniform and intense illumination of advertising during the night ensures remarkable visibility and efficient reception of the advertising message.

The advertising surfaces of the BrandMobile structure offer potentially greater coverage than ordinary stationary billboards.

Its format stimulates more creative advertising.

This original and modern marketing concept promotes brand omnipresence, extending the viewing time compared to a static billboard. It also involves increased sensory perception and ensures a higher memorization rate.