Brand Mobile

Maximize views and customers with a Brand Mobile truck Brand Mobile

BrandMobile is a repurposed truck with two advertising surfaces of 3×6 meters each and one surface of 3×0.70 meters on its body. It is equipped with a sound system, and the advertising panels are illuminated by halogen lamps.


Brand Mobile – What does it look like?

BrandMobile is a reused truck, on the body of which there are two 3×6 metre advertising surfaces and a 3×0.70 metre surface.

Where does the sound come from?

BrandMobile is equipped with a sound system.

How do you see him at night?

The billboards are illuminated by halogen lamps.

What is the result?

Brandmobile provides multi-sensory communication and increased message memorability, involving visual, auditory and dynamic channels.


The Route

We develop the route in collaboration with the client, taking into consideration their requests. The route can be configured on the streets of Chișinău as well as in other regions of Moldova, including the neighboring countries’ regions. 

Working Hours

On a typical working day, which includes travel and stationing, the schedule is 10 hours. Upon the client’s request, the working hours can be adjusted according to the price list.

The Sound System

The sound system is used in accordance with the provisions of Article 35, point (2) of Law No. 62 of March 17, 2022, regarding advertising.


1. BrandMobile for 10 days

Rent BrandMobile (loudspeaker, 3x6m) for 10 days and receive a complimentary stationary StandMobile (2x4m) for the same period.

2. StandMobile for 30 days

Choose to rent StandMobile (3x6m) for 30 days and enjoy a free stationary StandMobile (2x4m) for the first 10 days.

3. BrandMobile with LED screen for 10 days

Opt for renting BrandMobile with LED screen for 10 days and get a free stationary BrandMobile (2x4m) for the same duration.